All 16 Playback-Songs

in mp3 format recorded and mastered by Marcus Zilg

Incl. Leadsheets with exactly the changes that are played on the backing tracks.

You can look at the flows for each song, you will also get a list with a listing of the songs with intros, endings and solos along with the sheet music.

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What makes our Sing Alongs so special? They don’t come from the computer! C.D. Bandorf on piano and Robin Draganic on double bass have recorded 16 playbacks for you to practice perfectly. We have selected pieces from all styles of jazz, all of which are well suited to present them on a jam session.

You will have the opportunity to practice all possible variations of intros: turnaround, arpeggio (vocal pick up), rubato, band intro, open vamp, verse, without intro (only the note is given), piano intro or bass intro.

You will find above under the title, for which song we have chosen what and how the exact sequence is (how many choruses, solos, tradings etc.) At the beginning of the playback this is also announced (in German) and counted in.

Not sure if the key is the right one? With the free app “Anytune” you can transpose all songs as often as you like and also change the tempo.