Travel and participants

Who else is with us


  • Anke Jansen I I +49 170 3460190 I Issum
  • Maria Aalto I I +49 176 70777490 I Augsburg
  • Simon Vogt I I +41 79 784 11 63 I CH-Pratteln
  • Katrin Lepiorz I I +497071856561 I Tübingen


  • Andrea Vernier I I +49171 830 0368 I Berlin
  • Christiane Brochier I I +49 171 6464614 I München
  • Marcus Zilg I I +49 179 2955678 I München
  • Robin Draganic I I +49 174 2473544 I Berlin
  • C.-D. Bandorf I I +49 177 6631640 I Berlin
  • Judy Niemack I I ‭+49 172 2417589‬ I ‭+1 (929) 446-8514‬ I NYC / Berlin
  • Sabine Kühlich I I +49 163 9139985 I Aachen

All about the journey:

The nearest airport is Nea Anchialos (VOL) near Volos.

In 2023, only Condor will fly from Munich and Eurowings from Düsseldorf to Volos. EasyJet flies to Volos from London.

Most of them will come via Thessaloniki (SKG). When choosing your flight, please keep in mind that you will be traveling from the airport by cab for about 3 hours, and by bus for at least 4.5 hours to us.

Therefore, it would be great if you arrive at SKG around noon. Anything later than 2pm will be tight. For the way back don’t book a flight before 2pm if possible.

The cheepest option is to take the bus. First you have to go from the airport to the central bus terminal, which takes about 60 min. by shuttle bus, 30 min. by cab. From there the express buses start every 2 hours, which take 2h 15m to Volos. From there you can continue by cab or bus. You should book your ticket from Thessaloniki to Volos online.

For overview see the following websites:

If you rent a car with several people, it is worth it, even if you hardly need the vehicle on site. Greek highways are not busy and driving is super pleasant. Getting from SKG to the workshop is very easy and in terms of time/money/stress ratio, you can’t beat it. We’ve had good experiences with these rental companies:

We are also happy to shuttle you with our local cab driver, please coordinate with other participants and contact Chris.

Taxi prices
  • Volos Bus station > Lefokastro 60 €
  • VOL Airport > Lefokastro 90 €
  • SKG Airport > Lefokastro 250 €

If you can fly directly to Volos, continue to the city center and from there you can come to us by cab.