Song selection and leadsheets

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Since you already have a lot of vocal jazz experience, I’m sure you know which four songs you want to work on.
Nevertheless, I don’t want to deprive you of our song selection. From a seemingly endless abundance of wonderful jazz standards we have selected an essence of no less than 145 songs that are best suited for working with a band.
I don’t have all the sheet music of the songs in my archieves. But I can get most of them. So if you need sheet music, get in touch with me.
In any case, the sheet music must be submitted in advance. In recent years we have often lost precious time working with the band because many sheets were simply not usable. Therefore: Send me your song selection / your sheet music by July 1 at the latest.
Another tip: You will perform two or three of your songs on stage one after the other at the final concert, and you will also moderate the songs. So when putting together your pieces, keep in mind that you can vary them in tempo and style if necessary, depending on what you are working on with coaches/band. It’s also about putting a program together and feeling your audience. Four ballads, no matter how beautiful, would be too exhausting for the audience.


If you want to bring your own sheet music, please follow the tips in the video below or in the PDF below.